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Showing posts from March 8, 2009

Jay Rock ft. Game - Follow Me Home

Nice cut. Jay Rock & Game over Marlena Shaw, DJ Premier sampled this cut, yall might have heard it on tv too. Download Below. Download Marlena Shaw - California Soul zSHARE Jay Rock ft. Game - Follow Me Home

Asher Roth - Funk Flex Freestyle (Know The Ledge)

"lets see if I know the ledge" Juice soundtrack, What's UP! Rakim classic. Asher freestyle talks about a new hiphop less bullshit, I'm all about it. What's wrong w/ white dudes talkin about partying? How long the Beastie Boys been doing it? Since the beginning. Im just saying tho. Downloads below.DownloadRakim OriginalzSHAREAsher Freestyle

Kickdrums - Just A Game (Remix) ft Joell Ortiz

Good music all around, Kickdrums doing it, Joell Ortiz doing it. Perfect bump for that Saturday morning ride to work. Gotta stay hustlin.  Download below. zSHARE (Download)

Jay-Z's 6-Point BEST LIFE Diagnostic

check out the full article herePreach on Preacher Man. Im all for making HOVA Head Economic Strategist for the Nation. Barack, yes we can. 

Kitchen Sink

Thursday Night Chicago

The Bassment
157 W Ontario St (between Wells and LaSalle Sts)
Old Town/River North, Chicago | Map
El: Red to Grand; Brown, Purple (rush hrs) to Chicago. Bus: 22 (24hrs), 65, 156 | Directions
Tickets: R.S.V.P. to for FREE admission
DJ Tony Touch spins the hip-hop shop Bassment's anniversary jam with Skor, Trilogy and Twentys. Definitely get the gear sharpened for this one.
Tonight 10pm .

Kickdrums - Smash The System Mixtape

Now I know this ain't that NuNu (damn Lauren London is stupid hott), but people be snoozing on some mixtapes. So I've decided to help all yall narcoleptic f***** out there. Download below

lil Wayne - Tha Carter 4 Album Leak

"Hey Mr. Carter, tell me where you been?" Where's he been? Shit b****, where hasn't he been? This dude is everywhere. I've been waiting on this one here tho. Follow the download below.MEGAUPLOAD

Brother Ali - Real As Can Be

Nice little jazzy beat from Ali. Definitely worth a listen to. Check out the download below.


Who's House?? D-Wade's House

You Tube Highlight

This guy is running away w/ the MVP.

Now this here blog has been created out of my love for music
Are u freakin kidding me tho, this guy is having a ReCockulous season, and he's from the GO. Hence D. Wade you get the 1st official post on Cr%kNation. Keep the highlights coming.

Jim Jones ft Akon - Clack, Clack

"Clack, Clack, is the sound when the Cr%k steals." Sing it Dunny, Sing it!!! New Jim Jones and Akon, I download anything Akon comes out on. His songs r just good, Jim Jones he coo too. Check the download below.