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Game - Violin (Video)

Word to Funkmaster Flex, there’s a vacancy in New York So I volunteered to be the new king New car, new ring Show you how the westside do things The southside do things Bring out the choppas Wear a vest, coz these shots ain’t no vodka

Blu feat. Jack Davey “Everything’sOK” (prod. Flying Lotus)

Ju-Ar - Orange Air (2011)

Ju-Ar - Orange Air (2011)
01. Prelude 02. Orange Air
03. Hey Girl feat. Salvia Kamili
04. Take Your Time
05. Cool Down
06. Liquid Love
07. I Want You
08. Sun Rooftop
09. Another Change
10. Trails Of History
11. Essence
12. Turn It Up
13. Flea Market Diamond
14. Gimme Some
15. Shape Of Things
16. Ursula Rucker - Free At Last (Ju-Ar Remix)
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Ju-Ar - Orange Air (2011)