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Q-Unique - Green Grass Video

GREEn GRaSS Sh@dy Tree$

"Aint What You Want BABY, its what you need BABY" WU WEAR back AGain"

Question in the Form of an Answer: Oli “Power” Grant of Wu-Tang Clan Last Friday at the EMP Pop Conference, Tal Rosenberg and I presented a paper on the economics of Wu-Tang. In the course of our research, I interviewed Power, the financial mastermind of the Wu-Tang. Therein, I learned about Wu-Wear’s re-launch, the history behind “Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance,” and the unfulfilled plans for Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s line of “Dirty Drawers.” Read this shorty and you ain’t even have to go to business school.So you’re currently at the Magic Show in Vegas to promote the Wu-Brand and relaunch of Wu Wear?
Yup, Wu Brand. Wu Brand is in the building for Magic, it’s our first foray coming back after a few years off. We haven’t been on the set for a while now, but we’re doing some big shows this year. There’s another huge one in August.What exactly is Wu-Brand?Wu-Brand is the new title of the line—it could be a title or subtitle as compared to Wu-Wear. It’s strange comparing then to now. When I fi…

cheveu - NO BIRDS

its in french and yeah... its sounds dope rite nowwww
Mad dog Frenchmen in flannel making clangorous garage rock with basslines that sound straight out of the Low End Theory and strings that sound like they’re arranged by Jean-Claude Vannier. If that makes no sense — all apologies — I was at the EMP all weekend alternately soaking up knowledge and amusing myself with fake EMP pick-up lines (you don’t have to DIY if I’m in your bed.) Cheveu, right. Many moons ago, I found myself in Austin, stoned and staggering, waylaid by liquor and mushrooms. Circumstances were bleak, made bleaker when I saw this band. The Matches. Holy fuck. (not them)Staggered outside to a makeshift patio venue to see Cheveu whirling around like The Troggs doing Serge Gainsbourg covers. Made perfect sense and redeemed the tomfoolery I’d just witnessed. Kept my nausea down too. Haven’t thought of them in years, but they apparently have a new album and “No Birds” reminds me why I loved this band in the first place. G…