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Cr%k VidOfDaDay : Radio Song - Danny Brown

if you dont have this album your just playing yourself....with all that blah blah blah.... Download
Danny Brown - Radio Song [Verse 1]
This is anti-clean rap, nigga where the green at?
RZA take your sweat, I had the balls the size of bean bags
Not what you're used to, bitch I rep the Bruiser
And the label Fool's Gold,jeans with medusas
Bitches wanna scoop us, get pussy like loofahs
Y'all niggas losers cop clothes from the boosters
Hoes wanna choose up, of course they gon' choose us
These stupid-ass niggas wouldn't know what to do
So they copy wack niggas, that's what they made you

Freddie Gibbs Raekwon @Cubby Bear 03/13/2012

Chicago get ready
Freddie Gibbs here w Raekwon @Cubby Bear. Crooknation will be there. Will u?from the GI to the southside. playing on the northside. crooknation is everywhere look for us cause we got our eye on u.
Download Cold Day in Hell VenueThe Cubby Bear956 West Addison Street60613Chicago, IL, US

Artist : Tom Whalen Duck Dodger Poster

artist : Tom Whalen came across this morning this Daffy Duck poster i need in my life..cause Duck Dodgers is the sh**!! look at lil Porky Pig w that super purple suit. hahahah. pretty cool article about the artist here in bb