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Crook Review: Claps & Slaps Tour Chicago Stop 03/09/2012

started out the night @deltoro w a duvel. drove to the spot (sub-t). remember there is a 6 pack of zombie dust in the trunk ice cold. drank two in the car before going in. parked. crooknation does not promote drinking and driving.. only while at stop signs. burn. go in.
Crooknation Review : BO$$$$$ with 5 S's
first performer psalm one, who i never seen live b4. this lady is bad ass and shes from here. check her out if you dont know already scream out #realtalktuesday and shell hug u. legit second up ADd+ from Dallas, When Pigs Fly Ep if you dont have your a goof. get it free here brain sex, greedy bangers the whole ep is solid their sound is good. reminds me of outkast next up J. Pinder out of Seattle. man i dont know if he's been here b4. but kat went off. his set was dope. ima be posting a lot more of this guy nation but for now check out his video last but not least Black…